Top 10 Cult Classic Movies of All Time

Top 10 Cult Classic Movies of All Time

A cult movie is actually a motion picture that has a cult following, which means that it has a group of dedicated fans. Usually these are the only ones who like the movie, being in some way a targeted audience, thanks to their passion and dedication. Some of these cult movies are highly controversial, and there are some classics that have made history in the cinematography. With the apparition of social media they have become more popular, and some of them got quite viral. Even if the cult movies became mediatized in the last decades, they have a long history that dates back to the beginning of the cinematography. One of the first cult movies is from 1922, being an unauthorized adaptation after Bram Stocker’s Dracula. Therefore, Nosferatu became an early cult film, being kept alive but all the fans throughout the world. Even if the definition of cult movies might be sometimes imprecise, there are several movies that are certainly part of this genre, and they should be discussed in detail, especially because they are among the most famous ones.  Here  are our favorites and top contenders for best cult classic movie of all time:

  • The Matrix. If there is a general truth, it is definitely that Matrix is a life changing experience that shaped the world of movie making procedures, and also the psychological experiences, treating subjects like virtual reality. This movie is directly linked with the apparition of the Internet, and in some way it preconized its development. Being made at the end of the XXth century, it changed many visions in the XXIth century. It is the first movie to present the concept of bullet time, making it successful. Being the ultimate science fiction movie that treats existential themes, having an innovative technology, Matrix is definitely a Hollywood blockbuster. But why is Matrix a cult film? In this movie, the reality is not what it seems to be, and therefore the fans are making too many scenarios, joining forums where they can discuss the complicated plot. It makes them think deeply about the situation, and the most inspired of them come with many different theories that are further to be discussed. Therefore, Matrix is a cult movie that even nowadays is popular thanks to its cult following. The main character, Neo, is dealing with the perception of the reality and the existence of the program called the Matrix, and it is successfully played by Keanu Reeves. This is one of the most important roles, making him a true symbol of science fiction modern heroes.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show. The nineteen seventies have witnessed a cult phenomenon with the appearance of Rocky Horror Picture Show, being known as the first great cult film. This is a movie that deals with controversial issues, having a transvestite in the leading role. Even when it had been ruled for the first times, it has been noticed that the movie attracts a certain public. However, this movie is more complex than it appears to be, dealing with issues like illusion vs. reality, time vs. space, and meaning vs. nonsense, and it explores at the deepest level the human sexuality. Many studies of the cult movies take this film to be the leading example, and even if it has violent and disturbing scenes, it keeps its increasing popularity even nowadays, having its present cult following. This is a movie where a normal couple formed by two average American boy and girl end up in the bizarre residence of a transvestite named Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The movie explores the human nature, its sexuality, and its contradiction. The characters will go through a deeper change, and the audience will be able to witness, and sometimes even experience that change.
  • Napoleon Dynamite. This is a comedy that has in center attention an odd high school student who lives with his grandmother and his older brother, Kip. There is nothing normal with this family, nor the main character, who invents stories and gets beaten a lot. However, it managed to acquire a pretty impressive number of dedicated fans who worship this movie, some of them even getting Napoleon’s haircut. Even if it is only a comedy, many people see in it a deeper perception of society, this movie presenting the high school weirdo in a different light than the other teenage movies.
  • The Big Lebowski. Like many other cult movies, this film was a big disappointment at the US box office, eventually managing to become a cult favorite. This comedy has an interesting plot, where an unemployed guy named Jeff Lebowski is introduced to a millionaire who has the same name. It was a great hit in the public, generating annual “Lebowski” events across the US, and even a religion called Dudeism, after the nickname of the main character, the Dude. This religion is based on the character’s way of living, imposing a new lifestyle and philosophy. There is a festival dedicated entirely to The Big Lebowski, being called Lebowski Fest. This includes bowling, screening, and a garden party. At the moment, it is spread in several cities, such as New York, LA, London, Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco. This is probably the only cult film from which spawned an actual cult.
  • Blade Runner. Just like many other important cult movies, like the previous one, Blade Runner was a complete box office disaster. However, this didn’t stop it to become one of the most influential cult classics. Based on the science fiction novel of Philip K. Nick, Blade Runner gained soon enough an entire crowd of fans. The plot is placed in the future, dealing with genetically engineered organic robots called replicants, and their defiance towards the system. Those who defy the system and hide on Earth are hunted down by special operatives called Blade Runners. The main character is Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford, who has the mission to hunt down a group of replicants. This morally ambiguous film created controversial ideas, and soon enough the audience was divided in two different groups. And those who liked would not allow the film to be lost in oblivion. They are no longer simple fans, they somehow manage to live in that world, creating different scenarios. After years of its launch, it managed to become from cult a popular movie, being accredited for its original scenes.
  • Evil Dead. This seems to be the classic horror plot that has college students and an abandoned cabin in the woods (sounds familiar?). It has demons, incantations, and possessed trees. Soon enough it became one of the largest cult movies, being cited by many horror producers. Considering its low budget, the film was quite impressive, deserving its cult reputation. It was one of the first recipes of success, being followed by many other movies that respect this initial form. The movie combines successfully comedy elements with horror, presenting 5 attractive characters that normally wouldn’t fit in a horror movie, but rather in a teen comedy. The original idea during that time gained the respect of the critics, and even now, after so many years, it is still a big hit. Therefore, it is totally understandable its relation with cult, and all its cult following. Once this movie appeared on the big scream, it gained devoted followers who could talk for hours about this horror phenomenon.
  • Donnie Darko. This science fiction drama has an interesting plot where a mysterious entity dressed in rabbit costume tells the main character that the world will end in 28 days. However, the peculiar thing is that the boy is saved while following the creature, because just when he is away, a plane engine crashes in his room. After this strange meeting, Donnie becomes intrigued and determined to find the answers in science. At some point it comes into the discussion the time traveling issue, and even if this is a science fiction movie, it debates deep life philosophies that many of its followers share, such as destruction is a form of creation. However, there are many people who worship this movie, without having a particular idea of what is really happening. One should see it in order to have an accurate opinion.
  • Spaceballs. This is actually a movie that mocks every space film, such as Alien, Star Wars, The Planet of the Apes, etc.  Soon enough it became very popular, and the cult fanatics managed to learn every single line of the movie. This movie is a hallmark of any good parody, and there are thousands of people who are just crazy about it. It has great references, which are actually absent from the nowadays movies. The presence of another planet, galactic princesses, and heroes make from this film a classic parody that gained many fans.
  • Office Space. Office Space is an American comedy that satirizes the work life in a software company, focusing on a handful of persons that represent the white collar type. It has actually become a cult movie, gaining this status after its DVD release. It has been ranked on the list of “25 Great Comedies from the past 25 Years”. The real hero of the movie is an introverted who has a stapler fixation. This is an amazing comedy that has made millions of people revise their employment status, especially those who were working in an office.
  • Fight Club. Fight Club is an American movie based on a novel with the same name, becoming a representative movie of its age. It has in the leading roles two men who decide to create a fight club. Usually the fanatics of this movie consider themselves to be outsiders, and many of them have founded actual fight clubs. It caused a certain hysteria on a certain aged people, who were actual fanatics. Even nowadays this movie is a big hit with millions of fans. In some way this movie has a black humor that can’t be missed. And of course, in all this phenomenon created by the movie, the presence of Brad Pitt had a great influence, generating a role model of the contemporaneous man.

Donnie Darko

This movie released in 2001 is a science fiction drama whose main character is Donnie Darko, an intelligent kid with too many questions. This is an odd movie that is hard to be placed in any genre, and still it managed to become one of the most successful cult classics. This happened because the unique subject, but also because the amazing acting of the cast. Its cult following is formed by teenagers and young adults, who love spending hours talking about the plot.

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