The Matrix

Usually when people hear about a cult film they know from the beginning what they are dealing with, but this is not the case of the famous The Matrix. This happens because usually cult films are a complete disaster regarding the US box office, while this one has been a major success. However, it is essential to keep in mind that cult is not something that has to be a failure, but rather something that is defined by audience response. At first sight the science fiction story has the recipe to become a famous blockbuster, but those who are willing to pay a closer attention will be able to see the layers behind the main subject.

The movie remains popular today especially with college age students who will still put on black trenchcoats and Matrix sunglasses (not just on halloween).

The Matrix is a movie whose action is placed in the future, right after a machine-rebellion. There are treated themes such as the relation between machines and humanity, and the main subject of the movie is about virtual simulation named the Matrix. More clearly, for those who don’t know, it is about the machines who enslave humanity in a virtual reality and the struggle of the latter to achieve freedom. Therefore this fictional world is created around computers and their influence upon the modern life of the mankind. This is understandable since the movie has appeared right after the big apparition of computers in contemporary society. There are voices which associate The Matrix with the evolution of the Internet, which is the place where the cult movement became even bigger than before, allowing people to express their ‘worships’.

The action of the movie seems quite ordinary now, but at the time there have been many movies who failed with this subject, being viewed by groups of geeks, who used to watch them all the time. Taking this under consideration, it is easy to state that the cult of The Matrix is represented by intelligent computer geeks who are not able to adapt to the nowadays society.

Talking about the actual cult society that has formed around this movie, there are many people who mention the motivational speech given by Morpheus to Neo about self-respect and achievement. They look up to this speech and it begins a process of idolization, seeing past behind the computer-related alternative reality. However, there are other people who argue that this movie predicts a possible future where humans will become slaves of technology. Those who are willing to look around will realize that in some way the society is the slave of technology, even if not in the destructive way presented in The Matrix. Therefore it is easy to notice the well constructive narrative that lies under an ideological tone. The last connection with cult movies comes from the connection with Christianity references, being a constant comparison between Neo and a Christ-like life. Taking all this in consideration, there is no doubt that The Matrix is a cult film. Even nowadays there are people who dress up in long black trench coats, wearing sunglasses even in closed spaces.

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