The Big Lebowski

If there should be a representative of cult classic movies, then The Big Lebowski should be the winner. This is the only movie which created true worshipers, leading the cult idea even further, creating a real life cult.

This comedy from the 90s wasn’t received too well by the critics, and even if at that time it had been predicted that it has no future, after only two years The Big Lebowski became one of the biggest cult sensations of the century. The Internet allowed the apparition of hundreds of fan clubs and discussion clubs, becoming one of the most loved Coen brothers’ movie. Even nowadays it keeps its status, and there are people who won’t get enough watching this comedy.

But why is The Big Lebowski a cult movie? This movie has in center of attention a guy named Jeff Lebowski, also called “the Dude”, who gets involved with an old man who has the same name, and from here the plot is getting more complex. There are kidnappers, a rug, money, and the Dude. This movie managed to become a sensation of its kind, and right now there are fairs in its honor, there is a religion called Dudeism, and there are numerous objects created after this iconic character that gained so many adepts all around the world. This religion has a church named The Latter-Day Dude. This is inspired by the way the Dude lives his life in the movie, and there are many people adopting his lifestyle, taking his personal example.

The Lebowski Fest is the proof of the movie’s popularity, and it is a gathering that involves bowling night, screening, and garden party, and in the last few years it spread in various cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, London, Austin, and Seattle. This fast evolution is another proof that this movie is one of the greatest cult movies ever made. There is a big phenomenon concerning this movie all around the world.

Since it is so popular, no one can deny its importance throughout the world, and its cult following grows with each day.  Those who wish to be part of a fan club need to register, and soon it is done. For those who are true fans of The Big Lebowski, it is more than a movie, it is a lifestyle. They know all the lines, and even extra details that are unknown by other people. They are fascinated that some characters are inspired by real life persons, and this detail offers more credibility to the viewer. The most passionate fans watch the movie over 100 times, and when they meet with each other, they talk only about the movie. They know all the lines, and every little detail about each character. There are also those who decide to change their lifestyle after seeing this movie. It is no wander that the Dude has so many fans who worship him, as if he were saint.

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