It is not the first time when a comedy becomes so popular among a certain group of people that it becomes a cult movie, and yet, Spaceballs is a special case that seems to be different from anything else. This movie is actually a parody of all the intergalactic and science fiction movies, all of them having in common the idea of going in space. Spaceballs became so successful that right now it is not even seen as a parody, but rather as a cult classic movie, one of the most important from its genre. Watching this movie, it is impossible not laughing at it, since it has a unique way of presenting the plot.

At the first sight this movie doesn’t have anything special, and yet it managed to gather an incredible amount of cult following, becoming a popular movie among many people, no matter the age and the gender. Those who are true fans know by heart all the lines of the movie, and they also know details about each character. They have discussion forums where they can talk about their favorite movie that is something more than a simple parody. Even if it manages to make its own plot in a comic way, this is the best parody of the science fiction genre, and it is well known that every great movie category needs a great parody.

Spaceballs impresses the audience with its intelligent humor, but also with its silly jokes. The movie is full of memorable lines that are still overused by its fans, who are well aware of each quote, knowing their true meaning. This is a parody that really knows how to make justice to the original, which is represented in this case by various movies of this kind. Even if sometimes it goes too far to make the audience laugh, this movie is going down in history. There aren’t too many movies of this kind, and it is hard to find a great parody.

There are people who say that even Star Wars was a cult movie, and therefore this movie is something unique, being the cult movie parody of a cult movie. There aren’t too many people who manage to create this effect, and it is interesting how it managed to attract some people who are not fans of the originals, and yet are part of the cult following of this movie. Spaceballs has all the ingredients of a great parody, and yet it is something more than this. It is the image of an entire movement, and it is better than any other parody of its kind.

It is interesting how this movie managed to gather so many different people who seem to know how to appreciate a good and healthy laugh. In its simple way, Spaceballs is something unique, quire a phenomenon in the cinema world, where it is hard to make a name and to become well-known, especially when it comes to a parody from the past times.

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