Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic cult musical comedy horror film that managed to become an icon among the cult movies, managing to create a great cult following even from the beginning. It is known as a midnight movie, and even since 1976 the fans continued to return each week-end, being always the same persons. Therefore, it has been created a ritual, and all the fans started to dress just like the characters. Rocky Horror Picture Show has a large international cult following, becoming one of the most famous midnight movies from all times.

The action is placed in a castle where an engaged couple, Brad and Janet, seeks refugee. This is how they manage to be swept in the strange world of Dr. Frank N. Furter, a bizarre transvestite who holds the Annual Transylvanian Convention. The story line is rather complicated, and Frank is the main character, becoming an iconic character of cult movies. This is actually a parody of horror and science fiction movies, creating a contrast between an ordinary couple and all the men who are gathered in the castle. The plot is focused on this contrast, and there are perceptions of illusion vs. reality, time vs. space, and many other contrasts that can be easily spotted during the movie. But even more than that, Rocky Horror Picture Show is actually a sexual awakening of those years, treating delicate issues that used to be hidden behind the illusion of a perfect life. This is the reason at the beginning Brad and Janet are in some way a representation of all Americans who find themselves lost in a world without morals.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is different from any other cult movie, being considered the first great cult movie of its time. There is no other movie that has been shown in a movie theatre continuously since 1976, and therefore this is quite unique, having a great impact upon the human society of all times. Even if it uses many clichés, they are all used to reinforce the main idea of the movie, and there are many people who identify themselves with the main characters.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is about the deepest desires of the human nature, those which are often hidden in a corner of the soul, and in many cases they don’t get out. Among all the odd performances, the characters’ insecurities come ahead, and as they get more vulnerable, they start losing makeup, which is actually the symbol of a mask. This cult movie uses many symbols that can be easily spotted, creating an entire story around delicate subjects of that time, subjects that used to be ignored. It was a time when human sexuality wasn’t too open, and the cult following is formed by people who believe that they need to become freer, since they may be stuck in a world where they fear the judgments. This might be the reason they dress up during the movie time.

Editor’s Note: 

This really is a pretty bad movie.  However, in my cities with a big college, you can find a midnight showing in a theatre where you’ll get both the movie and live actor’s playing out this movie.  This makes it worth seeing and is also why we considering it an all time cult classic… plus we promise you’ll enjoy the Time Warp Dance:

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