Office Space

It is no wonder that Office Space is a cult classic since the majority of the population works at the office. This movie presents a dysfunctional office environment, and yet, there are many people who relate with it. Just like many other cult movies, Office Space received little attention at the beginning, developing with time, and becoming a cult classic. It is no novelty this fashion that makes the movies get a second life in DVD, after the DVD release. During these time, some movies get the famous name as cult classic movies.

This movie presents the ugly truth of the nowadays work environment in many offices, and it has many types of personalities that can be found in many offices. There are cubicles, staplers, and an impossible boss. All these elements make from this film a dark comedy that has to be seen. It is one of the most preferred cult movies of the year, and the presence of Jennifer Aniston is definitely helping, no matter if it is because her acting, or her character which is designed to make a difference and to set a contrast among working environments.

Since there are so many people who identify with the situation of working in a cubicle without much reasons to hope, it is no wonder that Office Space gained such a strong cult following. Even those who don’t work in an office may identify with these characters.

What is interesting about this movie is that it didn’t only revolutionize the human life, but also the office suppliers’ business. The most famous example is Milton’s red stapler from Swingline, a company that didn’t make red staplers. This is why the producers had to improvise and to paint an existing stapler from Swingline with the red color. After the success of the movie, which became a popular classic cult, the company started to fabric red staplers.

Office Space has also changed the work environment, which needed to change since many people realized that they don’t want to end up just like the main characters, hating their jobs. Right now there are made many improvements in many offices, and some of these improvements are owed to this cult movie that is simply genial.

These IT workers are the main reason many people came to love the movie, which presents itself as a satire of the office work environment, and it is no wonder that it is so successful, especially when the majority of the population identifies with this movie. Taking this in consideration, it is strange to learn that it was a box office disappointed, losing a large amount of money. Luckily it recovered after the DVD release, when a strong cult following managed to transform this movie in a classic cult film, being perceived unique and different, combining dark humor with drama, and creating one-of-a-kind characters that made history. Office Space is something more than a simple movie about big corporations, it is something more like a wakeup call.

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