Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a comedy that has in the center of attention the main character with the same name, a strange high school student who lives with his grand-mother and his brother Kip. Looking inside this odd family, there is nothing normal with them, nor with Napoleon’s high school experience. He is a strange teenager with strange hair and strange clothes, being considered a geek, and therefore being constantly picked on. Therefore, he manages to make himself an imaginary world, having a single Mexican friend named Pedro. He talks a lot about this imaginary world of his, being beaten even more.

The real question is whom this movie is about, since there are more storylines of different characters who struggle to succeed, just like uncle Rico or Pedro. It seems like Napoleon’s most important role is to create a link between all the other characters who actually have a compact storyline, not like his, which is hard to be understood. The characters from this movie appear to be superficial, but the truth is that this comedy has deeper layers, which are actually spotted by the cult following. The humorous tone is gaining even more fans, and therefore this low budget movie managed to become one of the most important cult classics of the genre, something hard to achieve by teenage movies.

This movie lacks a strong and interesting storyline, and yet it became a successful cult movie, being ‘worshiped’ by many people. There are some cases when the dress and they make their hair just like Napoleon. However, this is a movie that can be either loved or hated. Usually those who love this movie see something more than the surface and the simple plot. It seems that the authors tried really hard to make this character as odd as possible, letting him be surrounded by other strange characters. However, at a closer look, there are some layers that may be easily missed, and usually they are spotted by those who get to love this movies.

Napoleon Dynamite has a strong cult following, and even if this is a teenage comedy, those who are the fans of this movie aren’t necessary of this age. It had such an impact that there have been crated T-shirts and toys concerning this movie, and there has always been created a TV show. These are definite signs of cult movies, and there is no doubt that Napoleon Dynamite is actually a cult movie, quite a famous one. However, the reasons this movie is a cult movie are divided, and therefore it is hard to say why it is exactly a cult movie.

Napoleon Dynamite is a cult classic teenage comedy whose main action apparently goes around this strange teenage who lives two lives, one in the real world, and one in an imaginary and exciting world created by himself in order to escape the harsh reality where he gets beaten too often. He has only one friend and no true role models.

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