Fight Club

Fight Club was one of the most controversial movies of the year, and yet any student has in his dorm room a poster with this movie. Hence, it is easy to see its importance, and its position as a classic cult movie, having a strong cult following formed especially by men. Students are among the biggest fans of this movie, which wants to be the classic misunderstood movie. More than just fights, as the name suggests, this movie is about a journey of finding oneself, and usually the viewer is trying to make such a journey too. Wanting to escape from a boring life, there comes the idea of creating a fight club, and the action begins, everything going around this club. Therefore, even if the movie is deeper than this, the main objective is this fight club.

If there is a definition of cult movies, Fight Club is the perfect example, since it attracts a certain group of audience who is passionate about this genre. This is a complex movie that is hard to follow, and the discussions that are made around it may become controversial, since everyone understands something different. Usually people are attracted by different aspects of the movie, and therefore they might be fascinated by the fighting scenes, others by the deep messages that represent a lower layer of the movie, and there may also be those who love the techniques used to film it. No matter what attracts the target audience, it is absolutely certain that Fight Club managed to become a classic cult movie.

Since it is very complex, Fight Club may represent more genres than only one, being intelligent and offering an interesting plot that requires discussion and probably a secondary watch. The biggest fans know all the quotes from the movie, and it is probably that they have seen the movie for too many times. Therefore, it is no wonder that they are obsessed by the movie. After Fight Club gained popularity, there have been created real life fight clubs, following the structure used in the movie. They are quite popular, and their number is increasing. However, they have strict rules, and not anyone can join them.

Even if at the beginning it was an absolute failure in the US box office, right now it is becoming more and more popular, being among the best ranked movies from No matter what are the reasons people like Fight Club, the important thing is that they managed to take this film to the next level.

Not every movie is able to become a cult classic, and even under these circumstances, Fight Club managed to become one. It would unfair to forget mentioning the presence of Brad Pitt, a big name of the American cinema, who might be at some level responsible for the success of the movie. This is one of the few movies that is considered to be better than the book, having great lines, good music and strong characters.

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