Evil Dead

Cult films come under different forms, and they are somehow selected by the large public, and therefore they are not designed from the beginning to become this important. This is why one can never tell for sure which movie can become a cult, and which not. There are many cult movies that are complete failures at the beginning, and yet they become successful with time thanks to their cult following. Evil Dead is a horror movie made with low budget, and something that seemed to be a failure managed to become the formula of success for many other horror movies. This is one of the few horror cult movies, and it is still viewed as an example.

There are many reasons why this is a classic cult, and therefore it is essential to understand the main theme, and the formula of success. This low budget horror film has a formula that seems to be successful every time, and it includes a group of young and attractive people, something horror from the other world, and an abandoned place. This movie is about a group of students who end up in a cabin where they are possessed by demons. They die one after another, and yet, their deaths are quite funny in a strange way, especially because their stupidity.

Even the creators of the movie were surprised by the success of the movie, since it has become a cult classic movie of the time. Its audience is still increasing, after more than 30 years from its apparition, and it is considered to be one of the scariest movies of all times. At the moment there are several remakes among which a musical, and many other horror movies whose plots are inspired by Evil Dead. Therefore, nowadays it is something usual to watch a horror movie which has young and attractive people in leading roles.

It is interesting that the creators of the movie had a really great idea, and yet they didn’t have the necessary funds to make the movie. Therefore they decided to make a short version which gained them the necessary funds. But the funds weren’t enough, and therefore it was a low-budget film that theoretically hadn’t had many chances to succeed. However, this classic cult movie broke all the odds and managed to create so many fans, that even nowadays there are people who ‘worship’ this movie.

Even if it is considered terrible by many people, it still has a powerful cult following. During that time it was considered to be original, and many people saw the comic of the situation in those dialogues and the acting that sometimes wasn’t good enough. There are voices to argue whether it is superficial or not, and the answer depends on each individual’s personal experience with the movie.

Being initially banned in six countries and turned off by many producers, the movie had a hard beginning, and right now it is a cult classic worth mentioning in any classic top.

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