Donnie Darko

This movie released in 2001 is a science fiction drama whose main character is Donnie Darko, an intelligent kid with too many questions. This is an odd movie that is hard to be placed in any genre, and still it managed to become one of the most successful cult classics. This happened because the unique subject, but also because the amazing acting of the cast. Its cult following is formed by teenagers and young adults, who love spending hours talking about the plot.

Donnie Darko becomes obsessed with many existential issues after his life is saved by a gigantic rabbit. While he follows the strange creature to find more answers, an airplane engine falls directly on his bed, where he should have been. After this strange event that creates the plot of the movie, Donnie becomes obsessed with physics, time travel, and a certain book that seems to contain some essential answers. If there is a philosophy of the movie, it is certainly that destruction is a form of creation. In this movie there aren’t too many things that make sense, especially when the viewer is watching the main character sleepwalking, being compelled by the evil bunny to kill people. And the creators don’t feel the need to explain too much, letting the viewer wonder about it.

No matter how is this situation viewed, this seems to be a recipe of success, getting a great cult following. In this way, Donnie Darko becomes a cult classic of its century, and the movie deals with many existential problems told in a unique way, being different from any other cinema experiment. In order to understand the essence of the movie, the spectator has to pay attention, since there are two worlds, and the viewer may easily mix the reality with the fiction. This mystery is one of the main reasons Donnie Darko is a cult classic, being a science fiction movie with horror tendencies.

The audience will ask at some point about the truth behind the movie, wondering about the boundary between fantasy and reality. Maybe this uncertainty is the reason this movie is actually one of the most successful cult movies. Taking in consideration the complete failure from the beginning, it is interesting to see how it manages to gain cult following during the next years. Its release on DVD gained many fans, and right now Donnie Darko is perceived as one of the best classic cult movies. It is no wonder since it has the casting, the music, and the subject.

The rabbit is iconic, and it has an essential role, being one of the main reasons Donnie Darko became a classic cult movie. Right now there are many places online where are created discussion clubs where the fans may share opinions and insights. The most passionate about them have seen the movie for many times, knowing the lines by heart. It is interesting to see this kind of madness among the main audience of this ‘mad’ movie.

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