Blade Runner

Just like many other cult classic movies, Blade Runner was a completely disaster at box office USA. However, despite all the odds from the beginning, it became one of the most influential cult classics. This movie is actually based upon the book of Philip K. Nick. Just like in the case of The Matrix, the action happens somewhere in the future, in a world where robots want to defy the system.

In this movie there are posed questions about the nature of humanity and society, about what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, is it right to kill a clone made by men, or is it as human as the rest of the individuals? These psychological questions are recurrent in this movie, which managed to have a strong cult following. In the movie there is a battle between replicants and humans, and a blade runner is actually the person designed to find and exterminate the replicants.

The police officer Deckard is the main character, the one who has to identify and to eliminate all the intruders from the planet. In his quest, the movie raises various philosophical questions about humanity and its true meaning, but also about the perception of reality, and most important of all, whether it is good or not to create artificially another human. Since the idea of cloning a living person is not entirely science fiction, having some truth hidden behind the scenes, people are thinking about such possibilities, and since they are fascinated by the subject, they managed to become fans of the movie.

Blade Runner is a classic cult movie that has all the ingredients to acquire a great cult following, and people all around the world are still watching this movie that managed to go pass the science fiction theme, which is actually the secondary theme, while the main idea of the movie goes around the idea of humanity, and how can a human be defined.

Even nowadays there are people who worship this movie, and it has a powerful cult following formed by passionate fans who are looking forward to see it again. Blade Runner presents itself as an action movie, and yet it deals with high levels of drama. Even if the present society is not as described in the movie, it is true that technology occupies a great place in the individuals’ lives, and the year presented in the movie is 2019, a year that is coming closer and closer. In some way this cult movie can be associated with another cult movie, i.e. The Matrix, and even if it didn’t have the latter’s success, it is considered to be one of the greatest cult classics from all times.

Blade Runner is a famous cult movie, being a classic of its genre, and even if it was a huge failure, being constantly criticized, it became famous after its cult following. The science fiction part was not as important as the human nature issue presented to the viewer.

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